Recent Fire Damage Before & After Photos

Bathroom from grease fire

This is the aftermath of a grease fire that happened in this homeowners kitchen. As you can see, the bathroom was covered with soot and so was the rest of the h... READ MORE

Kitchen from grease fire.

This is a home that had a grease fire and called SERVPRO immediately. Luckily they didn't try to clean this up on their own. Never try to wash any walls, sham... READ MORE

Fire in Houston County

This beautiful historic home, located in Dothan, AL was damaged with black soot from a small house fire. SERVPRO was able to come inside the home and clean al... READ MORE

Kitchen Fire

3,000 square feet covered with soot, smoke, odor and water throughout the area due to a fire in the kitchen. The fire extinguisher was close by and exploded put... READ MORE

Fire Damage Cleaning

This antique vanity survived a residential fire here in Dothan but ended up covered in soot and reeking of smoke. Our SERVPRO team agreed with its owner; this b... READ MORE

Fire Cleanup

This Dothan fireplace flue wasn't opened before its first use when the weather suddenly turned cold last winter. As you can see in the Before photo, soot affec... READ MORE