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Importance in air quality for gym performance

1/5/2022 (Permalink)

Gym goers are more likely to have better results in less time at gyms with better air quality and odor, influencing them to switch gyms. These findings are based on research that indicates that a gym's air quality affects health, performance, customer perception of quality, and irritation from odor.  


Why poor gym air quality is worse for health:

If there are pollutants in the air and a gym goer starts breathing more from physical activity, they are also increasing the rate they take in those pollutants. This is specifically bad for gyms that have had mold, soot, or pest buildup in their HVAC and air duct systems. Gyms should mainly worry about the soot and mold that come from various problems with HVAC units, like overheating near combustible material and rapid temperature changes enabling mold growth. 


Why poor gym air quality lowers performance:

The effects of poor performance from poor air quality can be observed by simply putting a face mask on during high-intensity training. Studies show that exercise in high-polluted air resulted in a significant reduction in performance at submaximal levels of physical exertion. Poor performance can also be seen with stagnant air, causing sub-optimal oxygen concentration and CO2 buildup. This stagnant air is usually caused by poor ventilation and high gym occupancy compared to the building size. 

Odor irritation

Why poor gym odor lowers performance:

With poor air circulation and a high gym occupancy, odors intensity increases. Foul odors can negatively impact their attention and willpower in the gym. From anecdotal experience and testimonials, odors can impact a gym goer's workouts positively or negatively. Smelling salts are a prime positive example of how the CNS can be shocked, and their adrenaline is leveraged for lifting heavier. On the other hand, they can be in the middle of a rep and smell a foul odor, taking their mind off of the rep and not giving it 100%. Foul odors can simply lower a gym goer's enjoyment of the gym or be an added excuse to why they cannot tolerate going. 

Negative perception of quality 

Why poor gym air quality lowers perceived quality: 

With stagnant air, lower performance, and poor odor, members are more likely to perceive a gym with a negative halo effect, looking down on other parts of the gym as well. Once one negative perception comes up, members tend to find others and tell friends about these findings, even if you are investing heavily in providing all the right value possible for your members. Luckily, all it takes is consistency over time, and the way your brand is perceived can be changed for the better. 

How to improve air quality

  • Regularly cleaning all surfaces 
  • Control occupancy rate 
  • Regular maintenance on HVAC
  • Reduce rapid temperature changes 
  • Reduce overheating  
  • Clean any soot or mold immediately
  • Clean air ducts regularly 

What is air duct cleaning

Air duct cleaning is when specialized equipment is used to agitate and vacuum out dust and debris from the air ducts. These air ducts are connected to the HVAC system and circulate the air inside of the building. Air duct cleaning is commonly used because of dust buildup, increased mold risk with dirty and clogged air ducts, and pest infestations. 

Why Air Ducts Need Cleaning

If there is inefficient filtration, dust can accumulate and break off then re-enter the air. Dust can also build up, and if a water leak or high condensation occurs, then mold can grow and lower air quality. Pests can also burrow in the dust and bring in debris and allergens or remains, allowing particles they bring into the vents to be kicked up and pushed back into the room. When this debris builds up and creates thick bundles, they can be pulled into the HVAC, causing inefficiency, strain, and possibly damage. The more dust there is in a unit, the more the coils in the air conditioner are covered and can expend unnecessary energy. 

How to clean air ducts

Air ducts can be easily damaged, and debris can easily be dislodged into the air, so hiring the right team with the right equipment is crucial for inspection and cleaning. SERVPRO is IICRC certified and has the equipment necessary to get the job done right. You can trust we will inspect your gym properly and inform you if you require an air duct cleaning.

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