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Cross-contamination of mold

9/3/2021 (Permalink)

Can mold travel from one apartment to another

Yes, it can because apartments' conditions are usually similar, like a leak or flood, and they usually share ventilation spreading their spores. When the spores are shared in the right conditions, they are more likely to germinate. So, if an apartment near yours is beginning to show signs of mold, make sure to begin proactive measures as soon as possible. 

Can mold travel from one house to another 

No, it is not likely for mold to travel from one house to another. However, it is possible if each household comes over to the other household frequently or if you are moving your belongings from one house to the other. It is highly unlikely that the wind or animals will cross-contaminate the other houses nearby. Still, if you are abandoning a house for mold cleaning, it is also important to clean your belongings. 

Can mold come in through the patio 

Yes, residents can track mold through the patio, and doors can be left open with the wind drafting mold from the patio to the house. This cross-contamination is a problem that residents should continuously maintain because of the high chances of your patio or deck molding. Mold usually has the perfect conditions to grow on the patio since it is exposed to the outside while also having dead organic material on it from residents and building materials. 

Can mold travel to other rooms 

Yes, mold is very likely to travel to other rooms. Normally the same conditions are met like flooding, leaks, and high humidity from one room to the next. The venting and traffic then spread mold spores from one room to the other if they aren't already in there, to begin with. If you spot mold in one room, you must act quickly to mitigate further mold growth in the other. The mold growth can take around 24-72 hours to germinate and get in other rooms, increasing the spore count in your property by multiples. 

Can mold spores follow you

Yes, mold spores can follow you from other houses that were contaminated. Once there is the sight of mold germinating, millions of spores are already on surfaces and in the air. By traveling through this environment, spores are likely to attach to clothing, skin, and hair. You may then track these spores into your own home, either increasing the amount of spores you already have or introduce new strains into your home. 

How to stop mold from spreading to another house, apartment, or room

It is nearly impossible to stop mold spores from spreading into another area due to cross-contamination. However, you can mitigate the amount of spores and the germination of those spores through simple means.

Here are some ways to mitigate the spread of mold:

  • Kill the obvious spots of mold as soon as possible
  • Get an inspection on the other side of the molded area
  • Inspect for and repair leaks
  • Get dehumidifiers and research how to use them properly
  • Ensure doors and windows are always closed on humid days
  • Do routine checks to ensure that your house is sealed from the outside to prevent moisture and rainwater from entering 
  • Act as soon as possible, do not wait, or think it it will go away

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