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8 ways to improve a commercial building’s value as a landlord, owner, and tenant

8/12/2021 (Permalink)

Keep a checklist of what needs to be done

This is a standard operating procedure, but some commercial spaces do not do it. It is good to separate the checklist based on the intervals it needs to be done. So daily, weekly, monthly, bi-yearly, and yearly. Do not be afraid to put the intervals on weird time frames like three times a year.

Make a calendar and reminder based on checklist 

Most of the time, employees are busy doing their daily tasks, it is not beneficial for them to spend time manually checking if something needs to be cleaned. Instead, it is better to set reminders for a certain time frame to build the cleaning process into a more efficient system. Make sure that the checklist is spread out over time. This system helps you not to forget things that need to be cleaned and have to do them all at once, increasing the labor cost and possibility of not doing job functions. 

Split tasks based on what people want to do

If you do not hire a professional, you will most likely have to give responsibilities to the workers in the space. Sharing cleaning duties is normally standard procedure, and SOPs can be made according to the roles before filling the position. Certain people like doing certain tasks more than others or value time over hard work. So, it is important to delegate the tasks to those who fit the right time, difficulty, and skill specifications to help make sure employees are happy. 

Have easy access to basic cleaning supplies 

One of the main barriers to employees or customers cleaning is being unable to get to cleaning supplies. Sometimes they are not able to find them. Other times they are locked up, or most of the time, they are simply out of the way and not worth getting. By making the cleaning supplies accessible and easy to find, you can help reduce the friction that customers and employees feel. 

Have contact with local professional cleaners 

Some damage and messes are too much for your staff to handle. It is often cheaper to save on labor and hire professionals with the right equipment to save your staff time and money. As you continue to put these professionals on the job, you will understand the prices and how the processes work. This way, you can shop around and build relationships with the right people or company. Having professionals like SERVPRO in your contacts as a property owner is especially important to limit risk and streamline processes.  

Budget for expenses 

You should always budget for cleaning as well as damage expenses. Numerous ways are common practices for estimating the expenses you should incur every month, but the best way is to budget for the worse and hope for the best. As a landlord, your expenses should cost 1-2 times your monthly rent for the year. Your expenses may cost cleaning supplies and routine maintenance, around 10% of your monthly rent as a tenant. Keep track of these expenses over time and base your budget off of your averages, not others. 

Look at energy upgrades as an investment 

As bulbs break, look into longer-lasting, more efficient replacements even though they may cost more upfront. Investing now will save you time, labor, and money in the long term. 

Plan to change styles every 

Think of what your style is and when it will go out of date. You can usually stick to classics. Structural pieces will only need to be updated after severe damage and fading, but tenants should budget small decor changes every 1-2 years.

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